Perry Standing Rule


To encourage travel and high caliber competition for youth racing in Southern California at the major bays for the Club 420 double-handed dinghy.

Sponsor and Rules

  1. SCYYRA is the title sponsor of the series.

  2. Individual clubs will host each regatta. Sailing instructions, protest decisions, and official results of each host club shall be used as a basis to score.

  3. US Sailing and specific class rules (including membership requirements) shall apply to all races unless otherwise noted in particular race instructions.

  4. The Series is open to junior sailors under the age of 19 and who have not yet entered college. To be eligible for the SCYYRA Perry Series Perpetual Trophy participants must be members of a current SCYYRA organization.

  5. A participant must enter each separate regatta in the series with the individual host club.

  6. Entries for the 2023-2024 Perry Series must be submitted on (for ease of entry please use the Chrome browser). 

  7. A participant may enter the series at the first, second, or third scheduled regatta, but no later than the close of registration at the third regatta.

  8. There will be a $20 SCYYRA Series Sanctioning Fee per regatta that will be added onto each regatta's entry fee. The entry fee includes series trophies and a series souvenir for each skipper and crew. Series souvenirs are only guaranteed for series competitors who have entered the series by the close of registration for the second regatta.

The Series

The series will consist of up to four (4) scheduled regattas when possible during the school year (Sept.-June).


  1. The Perry Perpetual trophy is a cup on a wooden base and was awarded to Dave Perry when he crewed for Harry Walker and won the 1983 Star Class, Southern Hemisphere Championship.

  2. The Perry Perpetual trophy shall be awarded at the end of the last event of the series to the team who has the lowest cumulative point score for the scheduled regattas using the scoring system explained below.

  3. Take home trophies shall be awarded to the top finisher(s) in the series.

  4. The Perpetual trophy shall be kept at the United States Sailing Center Long Beach (USSCLB) or at a place determined by the SCYYRA Board of Directors. The names of the winning skipper and crew shall be engraved on the trophy.

  5. In the case that the crew and helmsman of the winning team have sailed together in all the races in the series, the Perry Perpetual trophy itself shall be awarded to the crewmember of the winning team in the recognition of the importance of the crew to a winning team.

  6. Otherwise, the perpetual trophy shall be awarded to the helmsman. A suitable ‘take home” trophy, preferably a gift with sailing use, shall be awarded to both winning sailors.


  1. Perry Series scoring shall be based on the official results of each race tabulated only against other Perry Series entrants.
  2. Perry Series scoring shall be in accordance with US Sailing Appendix A9.
  3. For the Perry Series a DNC is defined as not registering for a Perry Regatta and shall be scored the number of entries in the Perry Series plus one.
  4. Ties will be broken using US SAILING Appendix A. If a tie still exists, the winner shall be the yacht ahead in the final race that the two participating yachts both started.
  5. Throwout races will be incorporated into the series scoring with the following formulas:
  • If 14-15 races are completed, there will be 1 throwout
  • If 16-17 races are completed, there will be 2 throwouts
  • If 18-19 races are completed, there will be 3 throwouts
  • If 20 or more races are sailed, there will be 4 throwouts

Modified August 2023