2021-2022 North Series

To encourage travel and high caliber competition for youth racing in Southern California at the major bays for Naples Sabots. It is raced for by members of the INSA Class in the Sabot “A” fleet during a four event series.

The North Perpetual Trophy is a silver cup placed upon a wood base (7” x 7” x 7”). The cup is engraved “1968 SDAYC Olympic Regatta First Place. The trophy is currently at the United States Sailing Center, Long Beach.

Event Date Event Fleets Host NOR Entry Results
Sep 25-26, 2021 SCYYRA North Series 1/4, Hamlin 1/4 & Fall Jr. Invitational Sabot SDYC NOR Entry
Nov 6-7, 2021 SCYYRA North Series 2/4 & Jr. Commodores Regatta Sabot MBYC
Jan 22-23, 2022 SCYYRA North Series 3/4 Sabot ABYC NOR Entry
Mar 12-13, 2022 SCYYRA North Series 4/4 & NHYC Spring Gold Cup Sabot NHYC