Congratulations to the 2023 SCYYRA Team!

November 10, 2022
2023 Racing Team

The SCYYRA Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2023 SCYYRA Racing Team. The hard work and dedication to junior sailing by these sailors has paid off, as they join a long list of junior sailors that have gone on to accomplish great things in the sport of sailing. SCYYRA sailors go on the College Sailing, Olympic Sailing, National and International One Design, US Championships, and much more.

SCYYRA Team members are required to attend the SCYYRA Clinic in December as an opportunity to advance personal skills and mentor the next generation of sailors.

Blake Behrens (SBYC/SBYSF)

Piper Blackband (BCYC/NB4T)

Lina Carper (CorYC/MBYC)

Tate Christopher (ABYC/BCYC)

Oakley Cunningham (MBYC)

Reade Decker (LIYC/BCYC/NB4T)

Kelly Holthus (SDYC/BCYC/NB4T)

Grace “Gigi” Ivancich (NB4T/CalYC/ABYC)

Thomas Kraak (CalYC/ABYC/CBYC)

Preston Miller (CorYC)

Morgan Pinckney (NHYC/ABYC)

Alice Schmid (SDYC)

Anton Schmid (SDYC)

Allie Shand (MBYC)


Ethan Simpson (NB4T/LIYC/BCYC)

Cam Spriggs (SDYC/NB4T)

Harrison Strom (SDYC)

Zoey Ziskind (SBYSF)