Announcing the 2021 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team

November 18, 2020
SCYYRA Racing Team Info 2021 Team Roster

We are pleased to announce the 2021 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team! Southern California has a long history of producing sailors that go on to compete at the highest levels in College, National, and International sailing. Selection to the team is the result of years of dedication, leadership, and a commitment to sailing. These skills will contribute to sailor success on and off the water, long into the future.

We note the criteria for selection to the team is as follows:

  • Ranking in top 5 competitive events (from September 1, 2019 thru March 10, 2020) per the SCYYRA Ranking Matrix
  • Consideration of other results and items of note in the sport of sailing during the period
  • Priority given to older applicants, particularly High School Seniors
  • Consideration for equitable distribution of team spots by: Crew/Skipper, Gender, and Geographic Area Representation (Counties/Regions of Southern California)

2021 Racing Team

  • Liam Andresen (Skipper, 11th)
  • Blake Behrens (Skipper, 10th)
  • Peter Busch (Skipper, 11th)
  • Reade Decker (Skipper, 10th)
  • Sophia Devling (Skipper, 11th)
  • Ximena Escobar (Crew, 12th)
  • Kelly Holthus (Skipper, 10th)
  • Piper Holthus (Skipper, 12th)
  • Peter Joslin (Skipper, 11th)
  • Maxwell Kleha (Skipper/Crew, 12th)
  • Katherine Olsen (Crew, 12th)
  • Devon Owen (Skipper, 10th)
  • Morgan Pinckney (Skipper, 10th)
  • Jack Roman (Skipper, 11th)
  • Richard Rychlik Jr. (Crew, 11th)
  • Nathan Sih (Skipper/Crew, 12th)
  • Emma Tallman (Skipper/Crew, 12th)
  • Mercy Tangredi (Skipper/Crew, 12th)
  • Brook Wood (Skipper/Crew, 12th)
  • Tyler Wood (Crew, 11th)
  • Zoey Ziskind (Skipper/Crew, 10th)