2019 News

SCYYRA Team Thanks Patagonia for Woolyester Fleece Jackets

December 13, 2019

A big thank you to Patagonia for donating a Woolyester Fleece Jacket team each member of the 2020 SCYYRA Racing Team. Thanks for your support!

2019 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Clinic Acceptance List

November 20, 2019

Applicants Accepted to the 2019 SCYYRA Advances Racing Clinic to be held on December 7-8, 2019 at the US Sailing Center in Long Beach, CA.

29er Carter Vachon
29er Calvin Schmid
29er Alice Schmid
29er Samantha Gardner
29er Kelly Holthus
29er Hoel Menard
29er Jordan Janov
29er Grant Janov
29er Jon Seawards
29er Peter Joslin

C420 Emma Tallman
C420 Katharine Doble
C420 Marbella Marlo
C420 Jack Egan
C420 Tessa Farrell
C420 Ted Sherman
C420 Alexandria Stauffer
C420 Sophia Devling
C420 Reade Decker
C420 Madison Bashaw
C420 Natalie McCaffery
C420 Claire Whicker
C420 Sophia Pearce
C420 Jett Brennan
C420 Piper Holthus
C420 Ximena Escobar
C420 Matei Meglic
C420 Adra Ivancich
C420 Jeffrey Petersen
C420 Wynslow Wilmot
C420 Taft Buckley
C420 Tyler Wood
C420 Sam Kipper
C420 Rachel Ward
C420 Aidan Hoogland
C420 kalea woodard
C420 Katie Olsen
C420 Ben Conroy
C420 Shane Tillson
C420 Cole Tillson
C420 Sean Ross
C420 Lina Carper
C420 Mercy Tangredi
C420 Sarah Ozaki
C420 allie shand
C420 Federico Romeo
C420 justin coburn
C420 Jack Roman
C420 Sophia Mulvania
C420 Chase Decker
C420 Arielle Candaele
C420 Dylan Sih
C420 Brooke Bertrand
C420 Kenny Wanlass
C420 Jean Wanlass
C420 Connor Bennett
C420 Theodore McDonough
C420 Peter Busch
C420 Sara Parker
C420 Owen Cuyler
C420 Thomas Kraak
C420 Sophia Burton
C420 Brook Wood
C420 Gretchen Hohenstein
C420 Max Kleha

Laser Andrew Ingham
Laser Daren Sathasivam

Radial William Mueller
Radial Liam Andresen
Radial Marleigh Henehan
Radial Rudy Pominek
Radial Oliver Stokke
Radial Zoey Ziskind
Radial Tristan Feves
Radial Oakley Cunningham
Radial Chris Salas
Radial Max Jacobson
Radial Nathalie Lesser
Radial Nathan Sih
Radial Morgan Pinckney
Radial Hannah Carter
Radial Devon Owen
Radial Dylan Gardner
Radial Davis Winsor
Radial Diego Escobar
Radial Marcus Huttunen
Radial Santiago Quiroga

Announcing the 2020 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team

November 11, 2019

We are pleased to announce the 2019 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team. Congratulations to all for your outstanding dedication to and success in the sport of sailing!

  • Madison Basahw (NHYC)
  • Taft Buckley (ABYC/CBYC/KHYC)
  • Reade Decker (LIYC/BCYC/NB4T)
  • Jack Egan (SDYC/PLHS)
  • Diego Escobar (MBYC)
  • Ximena Escobar (MBYC)
  • Michael Fineman (DRYC/KHYC)
  • Gray Hemans (ABYC/BYC/Transpac YC)
  • Piper Holthus (SDYC)
  • Aidan Hoogland (SDYC)
  • Marcus Huttunen (MBYC/SDYC)
  • Peter Joslin (SDYC/MBYC)
  • Marbella Marlo (NHYC)
  • Jeffrey Petersen (BYC)
  • Morgan Pinckney (NHYC/ABYC/PYSF)
  • Nathan Sih (BYC/ABYC/CDMHS)
  • Alexandria Stauffer (BYC)
  • Claire Whicker (SBYSF)
  • Wynslow Wilmot (CalYC)
  • Zoey Ziskind (SBYC/SBYSF)

SCYYRA Advanced Racing Clinic Applications Open

October 29, 2019

Apply by November 18th to be considered to attend the December 7-8, 2019 SCYYRA Winter Advanced Training Clinic at the US Sailing Center - Long Beach. Members of the 2019 and 2020 SCYYRA Sailing Teams, and other experienced participants in the Shadden, Ullman, Frost, and Perry Series', and SoCal High School sailors involved in serious C420, CFJ, Laser or Laser Radial programs are invited to apply. This is an advanced clinic and we will be accepting applications based on age (should be at least in the 8th grade), experience, and skill level. Accepted sailors will be published here by Wednesday evening, November 20th.

Applications Open for 2019 SCYYRA Racing Team

September 30, 2019

The application for the 2019 SCYYRA Advanced Race Team is now live. Applications are due by 10/20/2019.

Apply for the SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team today!  

US Sailing Level 1 Certification Course at SBYC

May 16, 2019

SBYC/SBYSF will be hosting a US Sailing Level 1 Certification Course on June 13-16th. This is the course needed to coach at most US-based Yacht Clubs.

Applicants must be 16 years of age.

Perry Series #4 Serves as Area J BEMIS Qualifier

February 11, 2019

The Area J BEMIS Qualifier is Perry #4 on March 30-31 at San Diego Yacht Club.