SCYYRA Winter Advanced Training Clinic Acceptance List

November 26, 2018
Acceptance List

Congratulations to all accepted for the SCYYRA Clinic.

Boat Type Position First Last
29er Skipper Peter Busch
29er Crew Dylan Gardner
29er Crew Payne Donaldson
29er Skipper Ryan Satterberg
29er Skipper Samantha Gardner
29er Crew Alice Schmid
29er Skipper Kelly Holthus
29er Crew Calvin Schmid
29er Crew Annabelle Huyard
29er Skipper Pearce Mendoza
29er Skipper Jordan Janov
29er Crew Grant Janov
29er Skipper Svenja Leonard
29er Crew Jonathan Seawards
29er Skipper Peter Joslin
29er Crew Scott Mais
C420 Crew Brooke Bertrand
C420 Skipper Marbella Marlo
C420 Skipper Taft Buckley
C420 Crew Lucas Kennedy
C420 Skipper Hannah Carter
C420 Crew Samantha Kipper
C420 Skipper Sophia Devling
C420 Crew Alexandria Stauffer
C420 Skipper Jack Egan
C420 Crew Jonah Hatt
C420 Crew Ximena Escobar
C420 Skipper Aidan Hoogland
C420 Crew Michael Fineman
C420 Skipper Micky Munns
C420 Crew Reese Ger-Herscott
C420 Skipper Mackenzie Harris
C420 Crew Beck Boyea
C420 Skipper Piper Holthus
C420 Skipper Adra Ivancich
C420 Crew Matei Meglic
C420 Skipper Patrick Mulcahy
C420 Crew Wynslow Wilmot
C420 Skipper Devon Owen
C420 Crew Cam Spriggs
C420 Skipper Morgan Pinckney
C420 Crew Nathan Sih
C420 Crew Caylin Schnoor
C420 Skipper Brook Wood
C420 Skipper Reade Decker
C420 Crew Ken Sherb
C420 Skipper Jean Wanlass
C420 Crew Kenny Wanlass
C420 Crew Tyler Wood
C420 Skipper Anthony Zorayan
C420 Crew Riley Foster
C420 Skipper Arianna Forelli
CFJ Skipper Madison Bashaw
CFJ Crew Lauren Simpson
CFJ Crew Arielle Candaele
CFJ Crew Alistair Coyle
CFJ Crew Koby Twist
CFJ Skipper Jack Roman
CFJ Crew Nolan Schupak
CFJ Crew Zoe Storaasli
CFJ Skipper Emma Tallman
CFJ Skipper Ethan Simpson
CFJ Crew Samantha Hemans
Laser Skipper Taisei Hatter
Laser Skipper Lukas Kraak
Laser Skipper Gavin Malcolm McJones
Laser Skipper Bastien Rasse
Laser Skipper Caden Scheiblauer
Laser Radial Skipper Liam Andresen
Laser Radial Skipper Cameron Cage
Laser Radial Skipper Thomas Dobson
Laser Radial Skipper Diego Escobar
Laser Radial Skipper Annika Fedde
Laser Radial Skipper Tristan Feves
Laser Radial Skipper Gray Hemans
Laser Radial Skipper Marleigh Henehan
Laser Radial Skipper Erik Hou
Laser Radial Skipper Marcus Huttunen
Laser Radial Skipper Andrew Ingham
Laser Radial Skipper Christopher Kayda
Laser Radial Skipper Cyrus Khaleeli
Laser Radial Skipper Nathalie Lesser
Laser Radial Skipper Natalie McCaffery
Laser Radial Skipper Will Mueller
Laser Radial Skipper Ryan Potter
Laser Radial Skipper Santiago Quiroga
Laser Radial Skipper Adam Rosales
Laser Radial Skipper Marianna Shand
Laser Radial Skipper Cole Tillson
Laser Radial Skipper Davis Winsor

Announcing the 2019 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team

November 07, 2018
SCYYRA Racing Team Info 2019 Team Roster

We are pleased to announce the 2019 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team. Congratulations to all for your outstanding dedication to and success in the sport of sailing!

  • Jack Egan
  • Diego Escobar
  • Annika Fedde
  • Reese Ger-Herscott
  • Jonah Hatt
  • Taisei Hatter
  • Erik Hou
  • Marcus Huttunen
  • Annabelle Huyard
  • Peter Joslin
  • Christopher Kayda
  • Scott Mais
  • Marbella Marlo
  • Max Mayol
  • Gavin McJones
  • Patrick Mulcahy
  • Micky Munns
  • Jack Plavan
  • Caden Scheiblauer

SCYYRA Board Meeting Moved to Sunday, Nov 4, 10:00 AM

October 29, 2018

Due to the SoCal in Newport on Saturday conflicting with the Junior Invite at MBYC on Saturday, we are going to move the SCYYRA Board meeting to Sunday morning at 10:00am at MBYC.  

Applications Open for 2018 SCYYRA Racing Team

September 21, 2018
SCYYRA Racing Team Application Racing Team Matrix

The application for the 2018 SCYYRA Advanced Race Team is now live. Applications are due by 10/15/2018.

Apply for the SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team today!  

Join Us On Facebook

May 21, 2018
Facebook Group

Please join us on the SCYYRA Facebook Group.

Introduction to SCYYRA for Youth Yacht Racing Families

December 12, 2017


SCYYRA was formed in October of 1977, under the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA).  SCYYRA’s purpose is to improve sailing skills of youth yacht racing sailors in Southern California.  SCYYRA consists of 25 Southern California Yacht Clubs from Santa Barbara to San Diego who agree to coordinate junior sailing activities for the benefit of all.  A healthy junior sailing scene builds future yacht club membership and ensures the future of our sport. The most challenging task is coordinating the junior sailing calendar and running the 7 junior sailing series that SCYYRA hosts each year.  The formula has worked. Southern California has produced an impressive number of College All Americans, national champions, and Olympians.  This is a direct result of a well organized junior sailing scene that provides a multitude of opportunities for kids to get time on the water.


SCYYRA strives to provide leadership in the complicated world of junior sailing.  There is a lot of chatter among sailing “experts” these days about low tech vs high tech boats, high school versus club sailing, and more.  The reality is every junior sailor is different with different goals, resources, and opportunities.  Some kids sail for fun, some want to sail in college, others want to be Olympians or professional sailors.  Everyone can have a meaningful experience in the sport that helps them learn the life lessons needed to be good citizens and productive adults.  We strive to help families negotiate the many decisions needed to guide their kids through the junior sailing landscape.  One thing is certain, if we want junior sailing to grow we need sailing to be local, accessible, affordable, and social.  And regardless of the boat chosen, time on the water builds champions. 

The SCYYRA organization offers 7 well coordinated series, in a variety of popular boats, that kids can participate in throughout the year.  The calendar is also coordinated so juniors can choose from a variety of options.  Kids can move up through fleets and build skills as they also learn the rules of racing.  The SCYYRA clinics help sailors build skills with some of the best coaches in the country.  The good news for Southern California is we have a healthy, diverse, junior sailing community and can sail all year round.  That means the future looks bright for our sport.


The SCYYRA board is a volunteer group consisting of junior sailing leaders from SCYYRA member clubs.  It is no simple task to coordinate the activities of 25 separate, highly successful junior programs.  But imagine if each club’s regattas were hosted on overlapping weekends.  We coordinate events to maximize the fleet size and provide well run regattas within driving distance of everyone.  The events are spread out equally over the entire SCYYRA geography. 

  • The SCYYRA Board - A group of volunteer leaders in junior sailing from the member clubs.
  • The SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team - A team that recognizes the top sailors in SoCal.
  • Clinics - Clinics designed to bring sailors across the region together, share top coaching talent, build friendships, and raise the skill level of the entire region.
  • Calendar - a coordinated effort that ensures yacht clubs, club sailing, and High School sailing, work together to maximize opportunities for kids to sail.
  • The SCYYRA Series and Perpetual trophies - 7 series of regattas, designed in different boats, to provide diverse opportunities for kids to build sailing skills. 
  • The new Regatta Toolbox application - Trying to add consistency and modernize the tools we use to manage junior regattas.
  • The SCYYRA Website and Member Communications.


In many parts of the country kids have to travel long distances to sail frequently.  Here in Southern California you can fill your weekends with sailing all year long.  High School sailors can choose from High School sailing, CFJ, C420, 29er, or Laser sailing.  They can participate in fleet racing, team racing, and match racing.  They can mix it up and sail different boats to keep it fresh.  Sailing is expensive, but there are plenty of opportunities to sail in large, affordable, competitive fleets, in readily available charter boats.  Kids that get the high tech bug can sail the 29er.  Savvy sailors and coaches plan an approach that moves kids up through the fleets/series to learn new skills along the way, and keep sailing fresh and interesting.  Event planners work hard to keep entry fees low and minimize travel costs.  Most importantly, kids develop a group of friends that are moving up through the fleets together, pushing each other, competing, sailing locally, and forming lifelong friendships along the way.

  1. North Series - 4 Sabot Regattas
  2. Carrie Series - 6 Opti Regattas
  3. Shadden Series - 4 CFJ Regattas
  4. Perry Series - 4 C420 Regattas
  5. Hamlin Series  - 4 29er Regattas
  6. Ullman/Frost Series - 4 Laser Regattas
  7. Dick Sweet Series - 4 Team Race Sabot Regattas

Take a look at the perpetual trophies for each of these series and you will see the who’s who of Southern California sailing.  Lots of Olympians, Yacht Club commodores, College All Americans, and more have all earned trophies in the SCYYRA Series.


The junior sailing calendar in Southern California is packed.  Many weekends have multiple events on them.  Conflicts are inevitable, but the clubs cooperate to minimize conflicts.   For example, we may be forced to schedule a regatta for the young kids on the same weekend as a regatta for the High School kids.  But we try hard to avoid scheduling two regattas for the upper level High School kids on the same weekend.  We also consider the major national events our kids may sail in when planning local regattas.  A well coordinated calendar creates a diverse menu of sailing opportunities for kids.  The SCYYRA Series, High school Sailing, Sabot Nationals, CFJ Nationals, Junior Olympics, even club specialty events like the Dutch Shoe Marathon, are all teed up in a well coordinated plan.  We are grateful to the member clubs for working together to maximize opportunities for Southern California youth sailors. 


The Southern California Youth Yacht Racing Association sponsors a team to recognize advanced junior sailors from Southern California who have shown tremendous dedication and accomplishment in youth sailing. Each year a select number of the top junior sailors from San Diego to Santa Barbara are chosen to become members of the annual SCYYRA Racing Team and invited to participate in advanced sailing clinics and otherwise be recognized. Selection of each year’s team is based on regatta results between September 1st and August 31st, as well as age, ability, sportsmanship and geographic location.  All Southern California sailors who have placed well in local, regional, national and international regattas are encouraged to complete an application for consideration onto the SCYYRA Racing Team. The Selection Matrix is used to help select the elite team of sailors.

View 2018 SCYYRA Advanced Yacht Racing Team


View Board Members

2017 SCYYRA Clinic Acceptance List

November 23, 2017
View Attendee List

We are pleased to announce the list of accepted sailors for the 2017 SCYYRA Clinic.  The clinic will be held at the US Sailing Center Long Beach on December 2-3.  

We have a great group of coaches lined up this year!  

See you there!

2018 SCYYRA Calendar Is Published

November 20, 2017
2018 SCYYRA Calendar

Next year's racing calendar has been published! Thanks to the SCYYRA Board for their efforts in organizing the calendar.

SCYYRA Advanced Racing Clinic

November 06, 2017
Event Flyer Online Registration

Clinic Date: December 2-3, 2017 at the United States Sailing Center - Long Beach

Applications Due: November 17, 2017

Advanced Racing sailors in Southern California are invited to apply. Sailors must be in the 8th grade or higher, and have significant racing experience. This includes participants in the SCYYRA Shadden, Ullman, Frost, Perry Series’, and other SoCal High School aged sailors that have been involved in serious C420, CFJ, Laser or Laser Radial programs.

Members of the 2018 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team are required to attend the clinic. Please complete the application online by November 17, 2017. We will publish the list of accepted sailors on the SCYYRA Website by or before Wednesday evening November 22, 2017.

Boats: C420, CFJ, Lasers / Radials, 29ers Minimum of 8 Boats to form a Class (Lasers/Radials Combined).

Coaches to include: Steve Hunt, Nick Kaschak, Nate Dunham, Kayla McComb, Cameron MacLaren and more to come.

Clinic Fee: $200.00 per person. Includes: Continental breakfast and lunch both days, dinner Saturday evening, top level coaching, safety boats, video, facilities, etc. 2018 SCYYRA Team Members Pay 1⁄2 Price.

Charter Boats: Limited numbers of CFJ’s and C420’s may be available for charter for $200 for the clinic. Sails are $100 extra. Contact Mike Segerblom separately, well in advance to arrange charter boats.

Housing: Housing arrangements will need to be made by each sailor. A discount rate at the Ayres Hotel in Seal Beach may be available. For group bookings please contact Lynell DePerio, Director of Sales 562-296-1408. For individual reservations click the booking tool link below or copy/paste it into a web browser to receive the USSC rate.

This is a very nice hotel with a pool/Jacuzzi and full breakfast is included. The hotel is owned by sailors!

RSVP and Reservations: The size of this clinic will be limited in each class. Eligible participants must reserve a spot by completing the Online Registration no later than November 17, 2017.

Announcing the 2018 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team

November 06, 2017
SCYYRA Racing Team Info

Congratulations to the following sailors selected for the 2018 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team. Sailors were chosen based on regatta results between September 1st and August 31st, as well as age, ability, sportsmanship and geographic location. Please note, team members are required to attend the Advanced Racing Clinic.

  • Emma Batcher
  • Ryan Eastwood
  • Jack Egan
  • Diego Escobar
  • Cameron Feves
  • Cole Harris
  • Marcus Huttunen
  • Annabelle Huyard
  • Ansgar Jordan
  • Jack Joslin
  • Maxwell Mayol
  • Madeleine McGrath
  • Gavin McJones
  • Sam Merson
  • Patrick Mulcahy
  • Brock Paquin
  • Sammy Pickell
  • Jack Plavan
  • Jack Reiter
  • Caden Scheiblauer
  • David Wood

Corinthian Cup Coming to BCYC Oct 21-22

October 12, 2017
Event Website

Coming up on October 21-22 is the BCYC Corinthian Cup! The Corinthian Cup Regatta is unique in that sailors are competing for the Team High-Point Perpetual Trophy in addition to individual low point awards within each class.  

How it works: the Team High-Point combines participation as well as performance to determine an overall winning yacht club.
Each registered Newport-area sailor receives 1 point toward their yacht club team score. Travel teams receive 5 points per registered sailor.
Top 5 finishers in each class are awarded points based on their final ranking (1st: 10 points, 2nd: 8 points, 3rd: 6 points, 4th: 4 points, 5th: 2 points) in addition to their participation points.

Register by this Friday to avoid the price increase

Walk-up registration will be accepted in person on Saturday at check-in

Lunch includes a water bottle, turkey wrap, chips, and fruit


Hope to see you at BCYC next weekend!

Time to Go 29er Racing

October 12, 2017
Halloween Regatta Signup Hamlin Series Info Halloween Party Info

The first event of the Hamlin Series is the Halloween Regatta, October 28 at ABYC. Because this is a one day regatta the Race Committee has generously offered to continue running races after the other fleets are done - especially if the conditions are good. We plan to have a clinic Sunday, but we need to know if you are interested so we can plan accordingly. Contact me at for more details.

After racing, compare notes and enjoy drinks and dinner with your fellow competitors at the Halloween dinner. 

See you on the water,

Bill Mais, Mari Brill
Hamlin Series Co-chairs

SCYYRA Racing Team Applications Are Open

October 03, 2017
Racing Team Application Racing Team Matrix

The application for the 2018 SCYYRA Team is now live.  We have extended the due date for application submission, to midnight on October 22, 2017.  The 2018 SCYYRA Team will be announced on November 4th at the SCYYRA board meeting.  

Join SCYYRA with Free Membership Account

September 24, 2017
Free SCYYRA Membership

Regatta Toolbox is proud to partner with SCYYRA for the 2017 and 2018 sailing season to help deliver a consistent regatta experience for organizers, parents, and fans. Launched in 2015 by a former SCYYRA sailor, Regatta Toolbox is helping to streamline the registration process, specifically when entering any SCYYRA Series. This new platform allows anyone to “double register” at the time of entry for both the standalone event, as well as the Series, making it easier to keep Series scores up to date. Regatta Toolbox also allows parents to register multiple children for a single event under one account, streamlining the registration process. Event entries can be managed all through a single dashboard so updating sail numbers, crew name, or emergency information has never been easier. Regatta Toolbox has also worked with SCYYRA to help build a membership database, which you might be asked to join at specific events. If you haven’t signed up for a free SCYYRA membership, be sure to do so today!


SCYYRA Series Format Changes

September 22, 2017

SCYYRA is pleased to announce that we are changing the way we charge Series fees. You will now incur a one time Series entry fee of $5 for a single handed Series, and $20 for a double handed series.  And when you enter a regatta, a portion of the regatta entry fee will be sent to SCYYRA to support the Series.  Regatta Tool box will send you separate receipts for each of these fees.  All you have to do is register for the regatta. The app takes care of it all, the first time you enter a regatta in a SCYYRA Series.  

The purpose of this method is to, 1) reduce the cost of entering the series for kids giving the series a try.  And, 2) to auto enroll sailors in the Series, when they register for a regatta.  The Regatta Toolbox app makes it much easier to register for a regatta, find regatta details, and see results.  

Feel free to give your local SCYYRA board member a call if you have any questions.

Sabot II Invitational Video

August 30, 2017

Announcing the 2017 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team

November 08, 2016

Congratulations to the 17 sailors selected for the 2017 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team!

Emma Batcher
Tanner Chapko
Cameron Feves
Cole Harris
Joseph Hou
Soenke Jordan
Jack Joslin
Marley Mais
Amanda Majernik
Maxwell Mayol
Sam Merson
Dot Obel
Andrew Person
Lucas Pierce
Ryan Ratliffe
Jack Reiter
Caden Scheiblauer

SCYYRA Alumni Earn Top ICSA Honors

June 05, 2015

June 4, 2015
Contact: Jen Vandemoer Mitchell | Toile à Voile for ICSA | | 763-234-8286 m.
Photo credit: Rob Migliaccio


NEWPORT, R.I. (June 4, 2015) – At an awards ceremony following racing for the Gill Coed National Championship at the Sail Newport Waterfront Center at Fort Adams and New York Yacht Club, the honors for the Marlow Ropes College Sailor of the Year, Robert H. Hobbs Sportsmanship Award and the Leonard M. Fowle Trophy for the Best Overall Team were presented. The names of the winners will be added to the ICSA Hall of Fame display located in the Robert Crown Center at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

The Everett B. Morris Trophy is awarded annually to the Marlow Ropes College Sailor of the Year for outstanding performance at the highest level of sailing in the collegiate year. The trophy is named in memory of a distinguished journalist who spent more than 30 years, as a yachting writer and editor. This year there were two finalists for the prestigious award: Nevin Snow (San Diego, Calif.), a junior at Georgetown University and Graham Landy (Norfolk, Va.), a senior at Yale University.

Although both sailors have had incredible years, the winner, calculated by the numbers is Nevin Snow. Snow placed first with his team at the Match Race National Championship, fifth at the Men’s Singlehanded National Championship, fifth overall and third in A-division with his team at the 2015 Gill Coed National Championship. He also finished fifth with his team at the 2015 LaserPerformance Team Race National Championship.

Snow was named an All-American for the 2013 season, his freshman year at Georgetown and also for the 2014 season. Snow has already had an impressive collegiate sailing career as a junior.

“I am ecstatic – a little surprised – but relieved,” says Snow of the award. “It [college sailor of the year] is something that I have thought about, after being a finalist last year,” he says. “But it has not been on my mind over the last days of competition,” he continues, “Especially after the other finalist, Graham Landy, has sailed so well.”

Snow credits his coaches, Mike Callahan and Janel Zarkowsky, with being his biggest supporters.

“It’s a long year in college sailing,” says Mike Callahan, “Everyone thinks of the spring championships as the big events, but there are six championships and Nevin has done well in all of them,” says Callahan. “What makes him great is his ability to excel in all types of boats and all types of conditions,” says Callahan.

Georgetown has had numerous College Sailors of the Year over the last few years. “We have done a good job of having our good sailors impart their wisdom and abilities down to the next generation of sailors,” he says.

Snow grew up sailing in San Diego and says that his parents got him into the sport. “My Dad works for North Sails and my Mom did an Olympic campaign in the 470,” he says. It’s in his blood.

Snow is studying physics and math at Georgetown and will graduate next spring. In the meantime he has one more year of college sailing.

“I can’t wait for next year,” Snow says. “We have a lot of new freshman coming in and as sad as we are to lose our seniors, we are excited for what’s new and next,” he says.

The winner of the Leonard M. Fowle Trophy for best overall collegiate team is College of Charleston. Georgetown University was second and Boston College was third in line for the trophy. The team with the most Fowle points, which are compiled results of the ICSA Women’s Singlehanded, Men’s Singlehanded, Match Racing, Coed Semi-Finals, Women’s, Team Racing, and Coed National Championships, determines the Fowle trophy.

Charleston had a successful competitive year including placing 8th place at the Women’s Singlehanded National Championship, first at the Men’s Singlehanded National Championship, fifth at the Match Race Nationals, fifth at the 2015 Sperry Women’s National Championship, fourth at the 2015 LaserPerformance Team Race National Championship, first in the 2015 Eastern Gill Coed Semi-Finals and 4th at the 2015 Gill Coed National Championship.

The Robert H. Hobbs Sportsmanship Award is awarded annually to the Sportsman of the Year. The trophy honors Robert Hobbs (MIT ‘64), past Executive Vice President of ICSA, past President of U.S. Sailing (1992-1994), and former chair of the U.S. Sailing Olympic Committee.

This year’s finalists are Kieran Chung (Newport Beach, Calif.) a senior at Stanford University and Mary Hall (Seminole, Fla.), a senior at the U.S. Naval Academy, both of whom have shown outstanding sportsmanship during their collegiate sailing career. This year’s winner is Kieran Chung.

“This is a huge surprise,” says Chung, “I never thought I would receive it,” he says. “It is humbling to be named with past recipients of this award – especially Adam Roberts who was a coach at Stanford – it is a unique award and I am really proud,” says Chung.

Chung grew up sailing in Newport Beach, Calif. at Newport Harbor Yacht Club after his grandparents suggested he give it a try at age 13.

In addition to Chung’s excellent college sailing record, he was named an All-American in 2014. Chung will graduate on June 14th from Stanford with a major in Biomechanical Engineering and plans to apply to medical school.

“I definitely want to continue to sail,” says Chung. “I will be team racing this summer domestically and in England and hope to pick up another class that will be fun to sail in the future,” he says.

The Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) is the governing authority for sailing competition at colleges and universities throughout the United States and in some parts of Canada. Visit to learn more.

The ICSA sponsors and partners through the 2014-2015 are: LaserPerformance (, title sponsor of “LaserPerformance Men’s and Women’s Singlehanded National Championship”, title sponsor of “LaserPerformance College Sailing Team Race National Championship” and Official Boat Supplier of the ICSA Spring National Championships. Sperry (, title sponsor of the “Sperry College Sailing Women’s National Championship”. Gill North American (, title sponsor of “The Gill College Sailing National Championship”. Quantum Sail Design Group (, official sponsor of the “Quantum Women’s College Sailor of the Year”. Marlow Ropes (, presenting Sponsor of the “Marlow Ropes College Sailor of the Year Award” and “Official Rope of College Sailing”. Beneteau (, “Sponsor of the College Sailing Scoreboard”. North Sails (, “Supporting Sponsor of the ICSA National Championships”. US Sailing (, “Supporting Sponsor of the ICSA National Championship Semi-finals”.


Congratulations to the sailors selected for the SCYYRA Winter Clinic

January 10, 2015

2014 SCYYRA Winter Clinic Roster

  Skipper & Crew  
  Last Name First Name
1 Hou Joseph
Shannon Patrick
3 Hogan Jack
4 Jaynes Julia
5 Roughneen Sam
6 Schafer Owen
7 Simon Nicole
8 Arnold Evan
9 Bubb Madeline
10 Overstreet Emily
11 Joslin Jack
12 Brennan Max
13 Dahl Sean
14 Thompson Victoria
15 Mendiguren Aitana
16 Mendiguren Lorea
17 Stevens Roberto
18 Obel Dot
19 Obel Cassie
20 Garrett Annika
21 Ratliffe Ryan
22 Lansdale Megan
23 Stephanoff Emily
24 Schuman Sophia
25 Segerblom Sean
26 Scott Carter
27 Reiter Andy
28 Reynoso J. Noble
29 Reiter Jack
30 Plavan Jack
31 Madigan Kate
32 Briggs Bobby
33 McGraw Jack
34 McElvain Johannes
35 McJones Jessica
36 McJones Gavin
1 Person Andrew
2 Brill  Max
3 Merson  Sam
4 Sabourin  Michael
5 Pickell  Derek
6 Mayol  Max
7 Brill  Ian
8 Drayton  Wells
9 Rosenberg Jacob
10 Heffernan Evan
16 Klebahn  Parker Dittmore
17 Shevitz  Carson
18 Neal  Peter
1 Baker Cole
2 Rychlik Julia
3 Pierce  Lucas
4 Wallace Brittany
5 Peoples  Alan
6 Feves Cameron
7 Garner Rhodes
8 Fedde  Annika
9  Steward D’Amy
10 Doyle Frankie
11 Scheiblauer Caden
14 Keswater Drea
15 Griffitts  David
1 Hillard  Brad
2 Rosene Christian
3 Snyder Roxy
4 Van Dyke Christina
5 Gathrid  Sidney
6 Blair Zach
7 Kraus  Maddie
8 Jacobsen Skylar
9 Cates  Megan
10 Hatter Taisei
11 Schafer Amy
12 Fritsch  Crew
13 Line  Marie
14 Rasse Bastien
15 Luttrell  Kerri
16 Pickell  Sammy
2015 SCYYRA Team
  Brill Max
  D’Eliscu  Campbell
  Garner Rhodes
  Garrett  Annika
  Gibbs  Riley
  Lansdale Megan
  Madigan  Kate
  McElvain Rebecca
  McElvain Johannes
  McJones Jessica
  McPhee  Mercedes
  Obel  Dot
  Obel  Cassie
  Reiter Andy
  Scott  Carter
  Segerblom Sean
  Stevens Roberto
  Steward  D’amy



New Qualifer Series added to schedule for Bemis & Smythe

January 04, 2015

Qualifying regattas at USCLB, Coronado YC, Ventura YC and California YC have been added to the SCYYRA schedule. Visit for all the event information.