Upcoming Events

Date Event NOR
7/22 SDAYC Singlehanded Summer Luff in / Joe Sabot Regatta
7/22-23 Mid-Summer Regatta NOR
7/24 SCYYRA Dick Sweet Team Race Series 3/3 NOR

Recent Events

Date Event Results
7/21 Dutch Shoe Marathon
7/20-23 Laser US Championship
7/20 Jessica Uniack Memorial Beach to Bay
7/19 Sabot II Invitational Championship
7/17-22 Governer’s Cup - Youth Match Race
7/17 SCYYRA Dick Sweet Team Race Series 2/3


In the spirit of holiday giving can you help SCYYRA with a donation? If we all contribute a bit we can cover our needs quickly. Please help us reach our goal of raising $7,500 before the end of the year!

Take your racing skills to the next level with some of the best coaches in Southern California at the SCYYRA Advanced Winter Clinic. The clinic takes place at the US Sailing Center Long Beach December 3-4, 2016.

Congratulations to the 17 sailors selected for the 2017 SCYYRA Advanced Racing Team!
Emma Batcher | Tanner Chapko | Cameron Feves | Cole Harris | Joseph Hou | Soenke Jordan | Jack Joslin | Marley Mais | Amanda Majernik | Maxwell Mayol | Sam Merson | Dot Obel | Andrew Person | Lucas Pierce | Ryan Ratliffe | Jack Reiter | Caden Scheiblauer

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